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Here's where the Inspiration and Resilience begins!

Self-Care, mental resilience and emotional inspiration has always been my favorite topics to discuss but in 2021 Yolanda L Dean soon became a personal lighthouse of hope within her own health journey. After surviving and recovering multiple strokes, she began to understand the true power of God, resilience, and holistic well-being and of course, a strong support system of sisterhood. Through her road to recovery, she wanted to show women that a strong community is essential to health and social development.

Yolanda seeking something new in life and wellness coaching is now my journey, now internationally certified as a trauma and recovery practitioner and self-love consultant. She's now rebranded FlavHer as the life to help herself and other women.  Through the healing process she had to learn  how to  to love and nurture herself again. It was through this she began to figure out what self-love, self-care, and self-confidence truly looked like. FlavHer is now a brand that practices: inspiration, resilience,
and wellness through events, retreats, self-care merchandise, inspirational content.

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