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Female Friends



To empower choices, enhance well-being & embrace the authentic FlavHers of women through daily inspirational quotes, events, retreats and resources.


To create a community-based space that's genuine,  safe & connects women to women.

~ Empowerment ~

Building your confidence. Boosting your life.

~ Community~

                             Connecting Women to Women.



Introducing FlavHer, a digital community-based brand that empowers your choices, enhances your well-being and embraces the authentic FlavHers of women. From lifestyle, wellness  to small events, our brand provides all the resources, support and daily inspiration for bold women to live their best lives.

Made for women by women, FlavHer was initially born as a women's fashion accessories and handbag brand, and has now  added  a women's empowerment community in 2018. The rebrand from fashion was inspired by our founder Yolanda L. Dean, who soon became a personal lighthouse of hope within her own health journey. As a survivor, she began to understand the true power of faith, holistic well-being and of course, a strong support system of sisterhood. Through her road to recovery she wanted to show women the importance of  community and healing. To give women hope and now be an inspiration and hope to  let women know they're not alone when going through traumatic experiences.

Founded on the philosophy “It takes a village”, our mission is to do just that: build a village, create community and connect women to women with ease. Filled with cheerleaders, mentors and listeners. Our brand brings like-minded women together, creating space for them to connect, support and embrace each other, as sisters.

Our brand isn’t just about inspiring women, we’re here to empower women. Through reliable resources, connections and books. We empower women to take charge of their choices, reclaim their confidence and supercharge their wellbeing so they can give  their authentic  FlavHer to the world!

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